Our Commitment




We will study your project and evaluate its feasibility. No doubt, we will get an agreement.

Our costumer becomes part of our company during the project development

Your product will become a reality. We will find the optimal solution and you will obtain your project ready

Recent Projects


Photo Mosaic Generation

Kinect Technology

Do you have a Technological Project?

If you long for your project to become a reality, keep reading. LABSID turns up to be the solution for those companies with a project that, because of its complexity, can only be carried out with a very qualified theoretical and practical team. We combine hardware and software development to turn into a product your initial idea.

What does LabSiD offer?

LABSID offers you what your R&D department cannot carry out because the problem is too specialized. If your idea can be implemented LABSID will program it for you and we will deliver you the code. We are not interested in permanent dependencies.